Vanilla web-development.



MovieSom is your own personal movie database.

Add films to your watchlist so you don't forget about them later on. Or recommend a film or TV series to your friends.

Ever lost a DVD because you couldn't remember who borrowed it from you? MovieSom keeps track of your entire collection and more. Much more.

Like your personal statistics: how many times have you watched a movie and how much time have you spent watching movies altogether? Check it out, if you dare...


Battle between the sexes in a location-based game.

WilliM PlanningPoker

PlanningPoker is an app to facilitate the Planning Poker sessions for Agile Development.

This app plays like a quiz. Create a host-game and cast it to a big screen. Then you can easily join the game on your own device. Every action happen in real-time through the use of web-sockets.

This app is open-source: Github

Available on:
Windows 10 store
Google Play

TypeScript 2.0

Example project showcasing a vanilla TypeScript 2.0 project utilizing jQuery, RequireJS and leveraging Karma and Jasmine for Unit Testing.


Easily traverse a webpage DOM using one or more XPath queries and return the query results as JSON.

A portfolio website.

An inspiration inducer for the do-it-yourself foodies.