Vanilla web-development.



MovieSom is your own personal movie database.

Add films to your watchlist so you don't forget about them later on. Or recommend a film or TV series to your friends.

Ever lost a DVD because you couldn't remember who borrowed it from you? MovieSom keeps track of your entire collection and more. Much more.

Like your personal statistics: how many times have you watched a movie and how much time have you spent watching movies altogether? Check it out, if you dare...

WilliM PlanningPoker

PlanningPoker is an app to facilitate the Planning Poker sessions for Agile Development.

This app plays like a quiz. Create a host-game and cast it to a big screen. Then you can easily join the game on your own device. Every action happen in real-time through the use of web-sockets.

This app is open-source: Github

Available on:
Windows 10 store
Google Play

TypeScript 2.0

Example project showcasing a vanilla TypeScript 2.0 project utilizing jQuery, RequireJS and leveraging Karma and Jasmine for Unit Testing.


Battle between the sexes in a location-based game.


Easily traverse a webpage DOM using one or more XPath queries and return the query results as JSON.

A portfolio website.

An inspiration inducer for the do-it-yourself foodies.